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Wrapping Products That Need To Breathe During Transport | Phoenix

Packaging in the Food, Pharma, or Agricultural Industry is not always easy. Two main issues are: Wrapping product when it is still warm (ex: dog food, sauces, soups, yogurt ). Products that need to breathe (ex: fruits, vegetables, eggs, plants). You can't apply traditional wrapping to those specific applications without the risk of damaging the load during the transport due to moisture and condensation forming between the load and the wrap. Tin and caps arrive corroded, labels are discolored, cardbox boxes moldy and soggy which can result in poor presentation and in many cases unfit for consumption. To solve this problem Phoenix engineered and developed the Breathe Easy Film Slitter to provide a cost effective solution where air flow is required to help prevent condensation from building up under the film. The video feature a Phoenix semi-automatic stretch wrapper using the Breathe Easy Film Slitter to wrap cases of fresh vegetables. The result is a wrapped load that has the required load retention to keep the pallet safe during transport while having enough air gaps to allow the load to "Breathe Easy", keeping the product fresh and condensation free. Call us toll free at 1-833-490-9727 to have your price quotation ready in minutes! Learn more about Phoenix Breathe Easy Film Slitter here:

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