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Automatic Rotary Arm For Brick & Block Wrapping | Phoenix

Bricks, Paver Stones, Roof Tiles etc.. are all very problematic products to package and secure. Due to his nature the product is very abrasive, with sharp corners and very heavy, increasing the requirement for packaging and securing the load. The video shows the PRTA-2200 Automatic Rotary Arm at the customer warehouse wrapping skids of bricks. Another way to solve this packaging problem is by using a Dual Film Carriage System. The Phoenix Dual Film Carriage System is the ideal solution where very high holding forces are required. One film web is sliced and then roped into 3 bands, the second film is kept as a full web. Both layers are then bonded and pre-stretched together forming a nearly unbreakable film. Call us toll free at 1-833-490-9727 to have your price quotation ready in minutes! Learn more about Phoenix Dual Film Carriage System here:

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