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Stretch Wrapping Machines For Brick & Block

Stretch Wrapping Machines For Brick & Block

In many stretch wrapping applications, the nature of the product calls for protection from the elements during transportation and/or outside storage.

This video features the PCTA-2300 with an integrated top sheet dispenser to give the pallet a five-sided armor against weather, theft, dust and contamination. Commonly used in the brick and block industry, as well as nursery/gardening and pharmaceutical applications, the top sheet dispenser adds another facet to the automatic stretch wrapping process. As the video shows, the top sheet application is seamlessly built-in to the pallet wrap system.

First, the stretch wrap film is applied to the load, then the top sheet dispenser comes down to place the weatherproof top sheet and cuts it to size. The stretch film carriage resumes to secure the top sheet to the pallet. These fully automatic pallet wrapping machines finish the wrapping cycle, including cutting and securing the film to the load.

This unique top sheet dispenser is an improvement over a manual process that typically places the top sheet on the load before the automatic wrapping process begins. In that scenario, often the top sheet gets blown out of place by the whirling motion of the stretch wrapping machine. With this integrated feature, the pallet load is assured a tight wrap from top to bottom.

The PCTA-2300 is a speedy wrapping machine, tackling wraps at 12 rotations per minute and finishing up to 35 loads per hour. These stretch wrapping machines offer many benefits, one of the greatest being that it requires little operator interference. A press of a button is all it takes to get a fully wrapped load that’s ready for shipment.

A UV protective film over the top of the pallet will protect the product from extended storage outside in the sun and rain and, as an entirely enclosed pallet, provide additional security against theft.

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Potential Industries: Brick and Block, Gardening, Nursery, Pharmaceutical.

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