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Cabinet Furniture stretch wrapper

Cabinet Furniture Stretch Wrapper Files Away Issues

Cabinet Furniture Stretch Wrapper Application:

Stretch wrapping cabinet furniture presents many difficult issues to resolve. Recently, a large cabinet furniture manufacturer required a new automated stretch wrapping system. However, they looked for solutions to their packaging issues. The customer required multiple highly custom turntable style stretch wrapper systems. A few of the difficulties were:

  • Lightweight loads require securing during the fast wrap cycle.
  • Cabinet furniture is easily scratch or damaged during the packaging process.
  • Locating cabinets for proper stretch wrapping. Cabinets are required to be centered to properly stretch wrap.

The Phoenix Stretch Wrapping Solution (Cabinet Wrapper):

The Phoenix Turntable Conveyorized Automatic (PCTA), with its compact footprint, is a workhorse, that can be used in the majority of stretch wrapper applications. The unit is often custom-built for tough applications. The features added to meet this customer’s requirements include:

A Top Platen stabilizes the load ensuring the lightweight product doesn’t move during the stretch wrapping cycle. Having a load that moves during the cycle could create some detrimental downstream issues to the system. The addition of a Top Platen can add to the wrapping cycle time. Therefore, the system includes an upstream load height detection system. This allows the cabinet furniture stretch wrapper to adjust to the incoming load height without having to completely return to home, thus reducing the time lost.

Phoenix wrappers automatic load centering system
Automatically centers product for stretch wrapping

The urethane coating improves the friction allowing the cabinet furniture to flow on the conveyor, therefore eliminating the need for a pallet. Most importantly, urethane coated rollers prevent scratching or marring of the cabinet furniture

An automatic load centering system firstly ensures each cabinet is centered on the turntable for proper stretch wrapping. Secondly, random placement on the conveyor is also corrected with this load centering system.

Successful Results With Phoenix Stretch Wrappers:

The Phoenix Conveyorized Turntable Automatic Stretch Wrapper comes in many configurations to accommodate the needs of the customer. In this case, we customized our PCTA to become a cabinet wrapper. Phoenix has decades of experience in designing and building complex systems, like the one shown in this post.


If you have an application that you would like us to look at, please give us a call at 1-833-490-9727 or contact us.

For more information about Phoenix Stretch Wrappers visit our page.

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