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PRTW 2150

This wall mounted Stretch Wrapper keeps the load to be wrapped stationary while the stretch film carriage rotates around the load to apply the stretch film.

The PRTW is designed for Extremely Heavy Pallet Loads: Where supporting the weight using a rotating table is not practical. Tall Pallet Loads: Where the risk of the turntable rotation destroying the load prevents using a turntable model.

Very Light Pallet Loads: Light loads can fall apart on a Rotary Turntable Machine whereas the Rotary Arm model keeps this load stationary for easier wrapping.

Unstable Pallet Loads: Mixed product loads or loads that are naturally unstable or poorly constructed can not be rotated and thus are a perfect fit for the Rotary Arm Style Stretch Wrapper.

Washdown Environments: Unlike Rotary Turntable Machines, there are no drives or components at floor level. The Rotary Arm model enables you to raise the film carriage up out of the way and proceed with wash-down without issue.

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Production Capacity: 45 loads per hour
Maximum load weight: Unlimited
Maximum load size: 56×56
Frame Type: Wall mount
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty

Flexible & Powerful Operator Controls

  • Simple panel with operator friendly switches and knobs
  • 3 Pre-programmable wrap cycles for different load types
  • Variable speed control to match load stability

Easy Loading Powered Prestretch Film Carriage

  • Reduce film costs with 245% Prestretch (10” off the roll = 34” on load)
  • Phoenix “Clearview” door lets operator see carriage operating
  • Dual stage door lock with electrical interlock for operator safety
  • Pull through film loading takes just a few seconds
  • Chain drive prestretch for rugged construction.

PRTW-2150 Wall mount frame saves space

  • Load sits on floor: no weight limit
  • Easier loading, no ramps
  • Load via forklift, pallet jack, electric walkie
  • Prevents loads from toppling over
  • Ideal for wash-down applications

Built Rugged: Durable Ring Bearing Drive System

  • All structural steel construction for long service life
  • Heavy-duty precision ring bearing for years of reliability
  • Chain driven arm for precise movement and low maintenance
  • Two-part epoxy paint resists wear

Superior Warranty

  • 5 Year Machine / Lifetime on Prestretch Rollers
  • Backed by nationwide network of factory trained distributors
  • Fast, efficient tech support & parts shipping

All semi-automatic stretch wrappers are customizable to meet certain wrapping requirements. Larger, taller, heavier wrapping requirements, temperature issues, and custom wrapping cycles are simply a few of the custom options that are available. Let us know your application and we can provide the customization required to meet your application.

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