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PRRA 2100

The unique design of the PRRA Rotary Ring style wrapper provides revolutionary film saving compared to rotary table or arm designs.

The PRRA can do so by starting at the bottom of a load and finishing at the top without having to return down to the clamp fixed at the conveyor. This means that you can save an extra 30+ feet of stretch film while still applying the same required load retention wraps. The Rotary Ring rotates only the carriage itself. The result is a much faster “low mass rotation system” that because of the limited stress and strain on the working component is much better suited for 24hr/7 days a week application. The result is thousands of dollars in annual savings in both film and labour compared to all conventional wrappers.

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Production Capacity: Up to 70 pallets per hour
Wrapping Speed: 21 RPM
Standard Load Weight: Conveyor Capacity
Standard Load Size: 48″W x 50″L x 80″H
Frame Type: Gantry
Standard Film Width: 20″
Standard Pre-Stretch: 245%
Control System: AB PLC with HMI
Enclosure: NEMA 12, cUL
Standard Electrical Requirements: 460 VAC / 3 PH / 60 HZ
Pneumatic Requirements: 3 CFM @ 80 PSI
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty

Flexible & Powerful Operator Controls

  • Versatile Touchscreen for easy adjustment of operating parameters.
  • Variable carriage speeds for film efficiency
  • Variable wrapping speed control to match load stability

Safety System

  • Safety fencing with interlocks to completely remove access to moving parts.
  • Latching mushroom E-stop to stop all machine functions

Tilting Film Carriage

  • Film holder pivots down to allow the film to slid on with ease.
  • Linear feed-back control with no moving parts using load cell technology
  • Automatic Shut-off of drive rollers with safety door monitoring switch

Film Saving Designed Traveling
Film Clamp & Film Tail Treatment

  • With conventional wrappers (rotary arm and turntables) the film clamp is fixed at conveyor height and the wrap cycle must start at the bottom and get to the top as fast as possible, apply the top wraps, spiral down with a controlled overlap to contain the load and finish at the bottom with bottom wraps and clamping and film tail treatment of the load.
  • Welds the film tail to the previous lay of stretch film
  • Capability to travel vertically with the ring to allow for the most efficient film consumption

Built to Last

  • Rugged all-structural steel construction reflects the durability of this machine
  • Steel weldments of the frame assembly are designed for maximum strength

Compact Footprint

  • The PRRA takes 25% less space than conventional rotary arm wrappers.

Additional Load Capacities:

116″ Wrap height capacity increase for wrapping taller loads which exceed the standard wrap height capacity of 80″

Additional Load Capacities:

Wrap diameter capacity increase for wrapping taller loads which exceed the standard wrap diameter capacity. Contact us for more info!

Additional Conveyor Sections:

Conveyor lengths range from 5′,8′, and 10′ sections. We also offer a variety of conveyorized load handling systems.

Film Roping:

Film is manipulated down to a rope to lock the pallet to the load.

Film Slitting:

Film web is slit into multiple webs of film. These roped webs provide load containment while allowing the product to breath.

Top Cap Applicator:

In the wrapzone, application of a top cap with tab folding to create an upper tray for product protection

Top Sheet Dispenser:

A Poly sheet is applied to the top of the load for dust and moisture protection. Call the factory for water tight wrap cycle.

Corner Board Applicator:

A corner board is applied to each corner of the load to protect the edges. This provides strength and stability to the load and can facilitate stacking.

More Customizable options are available

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