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Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine and Pallet Wrapping Machines

The automatic stretch wrappers offered by Phoenix Wrappers will
help you increase your production rates and reduce labor costs.

The automatic stretch wrap machines do not require an operator. Phoenix pallet wrapping machines allow for high-speed operators with consistent stretch wrapping strength.

Explore our 4 Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine lines below:

Rotary Ring

Unlike a traditional turntable or rotary arm stretch wrap machines, the rotary ring stretch wrapper rotates only the carriage itself.

Featuring a compact footprint design, suited for 24/7 pallet wrapping applications. Because of its ability to start and stop the cycle anywhere on the load, the Phoenix PRRA Rotary Ring Pallet Wrapper reduces stretch film cost drastically when compared to conventional rotary arm and turntable stretch wrappers.

Conveyorized Turntable

Phoenix’s Rotary Turntable Stretch Wrapper systems offer a flexible and economical automatic pallet wrapping solution.

With its compact footprint, this stretch wrap machine is the series of choice in most tight fitting pallet wrapping applications.

Conveyorized Rotary Arms

The Phoenix Overhead Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper Systems eliminate the need to rotate the pallet being stretch wrapped. Heavy or unstable loads are wrapped quickly and efficiently with this series stretch wrapper. Commonly used in-line with the rest of the packaging line.

Put this stretch wrapper to the ultimate test on your heaviest and most unstable loads, and watch as the system quickly and efficiently wraps.

Non-Conveyorized Automatic

The Phoenix Non-Conveyorized Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapper allows operators to simply place the pallet on the stretch wrapper and pull the cord to initiate the automatic pallet wrapping cycle.

This stretch wrapper is available in both low profile (PLPA) for pallet jack and forklift loading and high profile (PHPA) for forklift loading only. Operators do NOT need to get off the forklift to stretch wrap the pallet.

Key Functions that a True Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine Must Perform:


The automatic stretch wrap machine must hold the leading edge (tail) of stretch film to allow the start of the stretch wrapping cycle without the need of an operator to attach the stretch film to the load.


The pallet wrapper must wrap the product based on the pallet wrapping parameters that the operator has set on the stretch wrapper control panel.


Upon completion of the stretch wrapping cycle the stretch film must be cleanly cut from the pallet load and positively secured in a clamp. This way, the leading edge of the stretch film is properly positioned to allow subsequent pallets to be stretch wrapped.


The resulting trailing edge of the stretch film (the tail) hanging from the pallet must be automatically applied to the load. Positive film tail treatment ensures that the sagging tail does not hang up or unravel during transit or at the customer’s location.

Want to See Our Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines in Action?

Watch our automatic stretch wrappers in action!

Each automatic pallet wrapper has unique features. We’ve made these videos so that you can see the benefits for yourself and find the automatic pallet wrap machine that is right for you. Here’s to increase productivity and reduced costs!

Automatic Stretch Wrapper FAQs

A stretch wrapper is used in various manufacturing applications to apply a stretch wrap film around a pallet or other object. Stretch wrappers are available to suit different applications, products and volumes. Generally speaking, stretch wrappers can be divided into two major categories: semi-automatic and automatic. But it’s important to realize there are many levels of performance and options available to meet business needs

A true automatic stretch wrapper must perform the following functions:

  1. Holds the leading edge of the stretch film to allow the cycle to start without an operator.
  2. Wraps the pallet load according to set parameters.
  3. Cleanly cuts the stretch film at the conclusion of the wrapping cycle.
  4. Secures the film tail to the load.

The advantage of an automatic stretch wrapper is it requires little interaction between the stretch wrapping machine and an operator. They are fast, versatile and efficient.

Phoenix offers Rotary RingConveyorized Rotary ArmConveyorized Turntable and Non-Conveyorized Automatic Stretch Wrappers.

Automatic machines have two sub-categories: Floor Automatics and Conveyorized Automatics.

  • Floor Automatics: These styles of machines are used mostly in warehouse applications where products are moving from storage to shipping. Also, they can be an economic alternative to a fully automatic conveyor line.
  • Conveyorized Automatics: These units are used at the end of a conveyorized production line. Some of these production lines produce 40-plus pallets and do not require operators constantly at the machines. The wrapper would sit above the conveyor, or have a turntable built-in to the conveyor.

Yes, with the right technology, stretch wrap can work for loads that need to breathe (i.e. perishable foods, pharmaceutical or agricultural products). There are specialty stretch wraps available, but they are often cost-prohibitive. Phoenix Wrappers created the Breathe Easy Film Slitter specifically for perishable loads. A unique film carriage slices standard stretch film into three or more adjustable individual bands. The bands are strong enough to hold the load together while still allowing the product to have proper airflow.

At Phoenix Wrappers, we work with each client to find the stretch wrapping solution that works best for their specific situation. We’ll engineer and design a custom stretch wrapper to fit the needs of any client. Our goal is to provide the right tools to optimize each client’s packaging line. Take a look at some of our custom stretch wrapper applications.

Preventative maintenance (gearbox oil changes, lubrication, pre-stretch efficiency tests, testing, and recording line voltage and amperage readings, and re-calibration of all electrical systems) should be performed quarterly. See more about our preventative maintenance plans here.

stretch wrapper is a key piece of equipment in the packaging line and there’s many to choose from on the market. Phoenix Wrappers provides a superior value in the design, engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, and customer service. We continually review our products and services with the customer in mind to tailor our designs and solutions and meet the customer’s requirements, in addition to our high standards.

Have more questions? Check out our Learning Center for further information or contact us today!

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