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wheeled carts stretch wrapped

Stretch Wrapper For Wheeled Cart Applications

Stretch Wrapping Wheeled Cart Application:

A customer came to us with a problem: They were looking for a stretch wrapper, but they were wrapping wheeled carts. Tall and narrow wheeled carts (with no wheel locks) are unstable and can’t be wrapped on a conventional turntable.

This commercial greenhouse operates year-round to produce and distribute quality plants across North America. They pot the plants and place them on wheeled carts to prepare them for transport. For years, their process was to wrap them by hand because they could find an efficient solution to wrapping. Importantly, the challenge was that a conventional stretch wrapper couldn’t accommodate the wheels and irregular dimensions of the cart.

The Phoenix Stretch Wrapping Solution:

Phoenix engineers custom-built a turntable for locking wheeled carts and paired it with a semi-automatic stretch wrapper machine. As you’ll see in the video, the floor of the turntable has an easy-to-use wheel locking mechanism. An operator can wheel the cart onto the low profile turntable and lock the wheels in place. After attaching the stretch wrap, the operator presses the start button and the wrapping process begins. When the cycle is complete, the operator simply unlocks the wheel lock with his foot.
This particular customer is using a pre-vented film to allow the product to breathe. Phoenix Breathe Easy technology converts regular stretch film into bands allowing the product to breathe. In other words, the same result at a fraction of the cost of pre-vented films. Learn about this technology here.

Our custom stretch wrapper fits the need of the nursery and garden industry but has many uses in other applications. Many specialty products are organized in trays or bins on a cart which then requires the cart to be wrapped to protect the fragile product from outside elements. There are other cart wrapping applications including the shipping of laundry, hospitals, etc where the carts require protection. Request a quote today!

You can go to our Phoenix Wrappers Youtube Channel to see our complete line of pallet stretch wrappers

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