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Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine Suitable For Perishable Products

This video shows a full stretch wrapping cycle with the Phoenix semi-automatic high profile stretch wrapping machine outfitted with our Breathe Easy Film Slitter.

The Breathe Easy Film Slitter is a cost effective solution to stretch wrapping pallet loads that require air flow for heat dissipation (i.e. products packaged hot), condensation prevention, or simply because the product needs to breathe (i.e. produce, eggs, plants, fruits and vegetables).

The advantage of the Breathe Easy Film Slitter is it uses standard stretch film and does not require specialized film with ventilation or netting. How does it work? The film carriage slices and stretches the film in to multiple (adjustable) bands. The bands are then applied to the pallet load as shown in the video.

The result is a wrapped load with the required load retention to keep the pallet safe during transport while providing enough air gaps to allow the load to breathe – the product is kept fresh and condensation free.

The Phoenix Breathe Easy Film Slitter can be added to many of our stretch wrapping machines, both automatic stretch wrapping machines and semi-automatic options. Our solution is not only cost effective, but it also holds up well in high-speed stretch wrapping applications.

The film slitter also has an application in circumstances where very high tension stretch wrap is necessary. The smaller bands can withstand more stretch (and tension) than a full web of film.

Find out more information on our Breathe Easy Film Slitter and customization opportunities or request a quote today!

Potential Industries/Applications: Agriculture, Food, Breathe Easy Film Slitter.

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