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Semi-Automatic Customized Applications

Semi-Automatic Customized Applications

Objective: Carts had swivel wheels with no wheel locks. Receive the cart and lock in place on table.

  • Low profile wheel locking device.
  • Self-locking linkage design disengaged using operators feet.
  • Designed for multiple cart widths.

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  • Extended base and height for large range.
  • Range from 36″ to 108″ width and height.
  • Foot pedal controlled window stabilizer.
  • Removable table pad for regular pallet wrapping applications

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Objective: Keep palletizing and wrapping in small space, high volume of pallets and minimize pallet handling. Loads are tall and unstable and could not be moved easily.

  • Machine mounted swivel base for 3-defined positions.
  • Foot pedal locking mechanism.
  • Position change done by manually rotating the frame.
  • 30″ film carriage.
  • 105″ wrap height capacity.
  • End of cycle film cut.

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  • High speed table rotation 30 rpm.
  • Large panel range from 12″ square to 60″.
  • Designed for poly tier sheet application.
  • Ring bearing table support and drive.
  • Foot pedal controlled panel stabilizer.

20″ Web of film is slit into 3 or more individual webs than can be adjusted in width. Ideal for products that require air flow(such as produce) to help prevent condensation from building up under the film.

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