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Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper For Distribution Centers

Phoenix’s proprietary Automatic Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper streamlines pallet wrapping operation and saves thousands each year on stretch film costs. This video highlights the versatility, efficiency and speed of the Phoenix PRRA-2100 Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper.

The first thing to note is this particular Rotary Ring machine is built on two legs, essentially taking up less floor space while still delivering the automatic pallet wrapping power of our unique rotary ring. Suitable for a multitude of wrapping applications, this custom stretch wrapper can fit into a corner or another small unused warehouse space. Automated conveyors can be added to the Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper in a multiple configurations to suit any space. For a corner application, the wrapper could go up against the wall and the automated conveyors could bring the loads in and out at a 90-degree angle.

This two-legged Rotary Ring still has all the power and features of the full-size version. For example, what makes a rotary ring automatic stretch wrapping machine unique is it places a strong wrap on the load with a one-way mechanism. In conventional automatic wrapping machines, the carriage wraps the load, then has to return to the start for the film to be cut. These extra revolutions bring little value to the overall quality of the wrap, and waste stretch film, adding to cost to the bottom line and taking up valuable time. In a rotary ring automatic, the clamp and cutting system moves with the carriage, securing the wrap in as few revolutions and with as little film as necessary. The savings of stretch film – per load – can be 30-feet or more.

The PRRA-2100 is the equipment of choice in full-time 24/7 wrapping applications. It’s fast and efficient, wrapping pallets at 21 RPM.

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Potential Industries: Distribution Centers, Food Distribution, Beverage Distribution.

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