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Rotary Ring Automatic Stretch Wrapper Customized With Top Sheet Dispenser

High-speed? Check. Integrated five-sided wrapping? Check. Lower cost? Check. Compact design? Check.

The PRRA-4000 Rotary Ring automatic stretch wrapper shown in this video has all of that and more.

It’s capable of wrapping more than 120 loads per hours and speeds of 40 rotations per minute.
It has an integrated top sheet dispenser (see 0:13) that provides full protection from rain, snow and other weather. Take note of how the top sheet application is fully integrated into the wrapping cycle. A first layer of stretch wrap is applied to the top of the load, then the top sheet is put into place and the wrapping cycle resumes at a slower speed as not to blow the top sheet out of place. It applies three wraps to firmly hold the top sheet in place.

The PRRA-4000 is best suited for high volume warehouses. It was designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind. This automatic stretch wrapper can start at the bottom of the load and finish at the top – the film carriage does not need to return back down to the clamp fixed at the conveyor. Roughly 30 feet of stretch film is saved with each wrapping cycle compared to other automatic models (i.e. rotary arm and turntables).

See our Rotary Ring Film Cost Calculator to see how much you could save with our high-speed automatic stretch wrapper.

Another advantage is the PRRA-4000’s sturdy four-post frame design is still compact. The PRRA takes up about 25 percent less space than rotary arm style stretch wrappers.

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Potential Industries: Beverage, Food Service, Distribution Center, Brick & Block.

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