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Rotary Ring Automatic Pallet Wrapper For Light Loads

Rotary Ring Automatic Pallet Wrapper For Light Loads

One of the most challenging stretch wrapping applications is pallets of empty PET bottles. Weighing as little as 200 pounds, but towering as high as 10 feet, the stretch wrapping machine has to secure the load, but with a light tension as to not crush the empty bottles.

Striking this careful balance is possible with the Phoenix Rotary Ring Automatic Pallet Wrapper. In this video, towering pallets of empty PET bottles are moved along a conveyor. The extra-large pallet size is accommodated for in this wrapping system. The rotary ring makes its way up and down the pallet to ensure there is enough wrapping to secure the light load and protect it from dust and debris.

Make note of the way the rotary ring applies the stretch wrap, with very light tension on the film. Stretch wrap acts similarly to a rubber band – once it’s stretched it wants to return to its original size. So it follows as little stretch as possible will give the pallet structure and stability without squeezing the product.

As a fully automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper, this option requires little from an operator. After the wrapping cycle is complete, a built-in traveling cutter and sealer creates a strong bond for the wrap ensuring a firm tail treatment at the end of the wrap. This seemingly small feature this automatic pallet wrapper apart from the competition and potentially saves thousands of dollars every year in stretch film costs.

Ideal for empty bottle wrapping to serve the beverage industry, this type of machine is also appropriate for any lightweight or extremely tall loads. It also has some pharmaceutical applications as well.

Learn more about the Phoenix Wrappers’ line of rotary ring automatics here or request a quote today!

Potential Industries: Beverage Distribution, Bottling, Pharmaceutical

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