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Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper For Distribution Centers

In large volume distribution centers, an efficient system from start to finish is a business necessity. This video features the PRTG-A Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper. Designed for high-speed multiple load wrapping, the beauty of this set-up is three pallets can be wrapped simultaneously and on a continuous basis.

Let’s take a look at the process. Employees “pick and pack” pallet orders. There could be several employees working on building the same pallet. In this particular application, there are two sets of three in-line rotary arm stretch wrapping machines (we only see one set in the video). Using pallet jacks, the finished pallets are brought into the wrapping area. Once the pallets are set, the automatic rotary arms go to work. All the operator has to do press start, stand back and watch. The rotary arm stretch wrapper secures the pallet loads with the stretch film from top to bottom. It’s important to note these pallets are made up of all different products, sizes and shapes. No matter the size or shape of the pallet, the rotary arm stretch wrapper is able to give a tight wrap on each of the pallets.

At the conclusion of the cycle, this fully automatic stretch wrapper cuts the film and wipes it down to ensure a firm tail treatment on each of the pallets. Once the cycle for all three pallets is complete, the operator tags the pallets and picks all three pallets up with a pallet jack and brings them to the loading dock.

This customized system works well in warehouses where there is a lot of movement with people doing different things and there’s little space for conveyors or other automation. These in-line rotary arm stretch wrappers get the job done with safety and efficiency.
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Potential Industries: Food Distribution, Distribution Centers, Warehouse.

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