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Stretch wrapper retrofits and upgrades are a very cost-effective way of improving
pallet unitizing and increasing production while reducing stretch film costs.

At Phoenix, our service group provides an unparalleled approach to customer service. Phoenix offers stretch wrapper Retrofits and upgrades that are a very cost-effective way of improving pallet unitizing and increasing production, while reducing stretch film costs. In many cases, a simple packaging retrofit can restore an older pallet stretch wrap machine into a very cost-effective and efficient stretch wrapping system, often at a fraction of the cost of a new stretch wrap machine.

We have designed many stretch packaging retrofits and rebuild modifications for all brands of pallet stretch wrap machine, including ITW Muller, Wulftec, Orion, Lantech, Cousins and others!

Phoenix Stretch Packaging Retrofits

Below you can review some of Phoenix Stretch Packaging Retrofits available

Phoenix Stand Alone Inline Top Sheet Dispenser

This retro-fit is ideal for customers that are satisfied with their existing system but would like to add a top sheet on their loads without having to rely on manual labour or interrupting the machine’s cycle.

The “Poly” top sheet film is applied to the load prior to the wrap zone area over the customer supplied conveyor.


  • Communication Interlocks to link with existing equipment.
  • Manual controls for cradle jog up/down.
  • Omron PLC controller.
  • Pushbuttons and switches.
  • Nema 12 Panel.
  • Photoeye for Autoheight Sensing.
  • Load sheet detection.
  • Cut wire.
  • Ability ro run 60″ to 72″ max width film.
  • 230 VAC, 3ph, 60Hz-10A.

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Phoenix Integral Pallet Load Pop-up Conveyor System

This pallet lifting system added to the wrap zone conveyor allows the pallet load to be lifted off of the roller conveyor while the stretch wrapper wraps the load and pallet, continuing even under the pallet.

By replacing the original wrap zone conveyor with one that had an integrated pop-up device, the pallet will be raised up and off the rollers by 4″.


  • Pop-Up elevates load off the rollers by 4″.
  • Overhanging product may not result in film grabbing the pallet.
  • 52″ BFR conveyor rated at 4,000 lbs.
  • Dual air-bag c/w linkage system for level lifting of pallet.
  • Conveyor legs with p/u supporting attachments to replace existing legs.
  • Proximity sensor p/u detection and solenoid valve unit for activation.
  • Existing machine PLC require 2X spare outputs and 1X spare input.
  • Touch screen will need an added button to select p/u on or off.

Phoenix Film Tail Anvil Heat Sealer

Replacing the traditional film clamp and cut system this positive film tail sealer works on the principle of pressure and heat time to provide a secure film attachement to the pallet load.

Anvil pad raises to provide the sealing surface, function of the heater/ cutter is not load dependant. Mounted to the side of the wrap zone conveyor and is pneumatically driven.


  • Partial film roping unit on the film carriage to gather film into the sealing pad.
  • Ropes approx to 8″ wide.

Phoenix Stand Alone Heat Sealing System

Floor mounted unit along the side of an existing conveyor section. Unit adjustable for conveyor height range 16″ – 28″.
Welds the film tail to the previous layers of stretch film, thus positively securing the tail to the load.


  • Floating Head, Heat Sealer Assembly(Floor Mount).
  • Each head individually spring loaded to adjust to variable load profiles.
  • 18″ lateral Stroke.
  • Valve, Cylinder.
  • Reed Switch.
  • Timer.
  • Electrical Enclosure with PLC and controls.
  • 3 dry contact communications to link with existing conveyor control.

Phoenix Automatic Film Cut and Wipe System

The pneumatic controlled cut & wipe system automatically cuts the film and applies the film tail to the load. A timed impulse heat system, cold to the touch in seconds offers a safe cutting system.

Pneumatic driven clamp holds the film tail during rotation. The clamp release the film tail at the end of the cycle and once the arm or table stops the film clamp is activated to close and hold the film for the cutting process.

Phoenix No Thread 30" Prestretch Film Carriage

Designed with safety in mind, no film threading is required. A Lexan cover eliminates the operator’s ability to reach rollers when safety door is closed. The prestretch rollers carry a “Lifetime” guarantee. An analog sensor allows for even film tension application to the load by automatically adjusting the film feed speed on the sides and around corners. Prestretch ratios are available from 60% to 300%, factory set at 200%.

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