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high speed pallet stretch wrapper

Phoenix Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper Cleans Up the Issues!

The Packaging Application:

A leading cleaning product manufacturer was building a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. They required multiple high-speed stretch wrapper systems. A few of the difficulties were:

  • Multiple robotic palletizing lines requiring high-speed wrapping. A multi-directional conveyance that used wireless communication was also required.
  • Extremely limited space and multiple directional changes made the application more difficult. Conventional wrapping equipment like rotary turntable or arms could not fit in the limited space.
  • Cat 3 safety was difficult because of the confined space and multi-directional conveyors.

The Phoenix Stretch Wrapping Solution:

High Speed pallet wrapper
High-speed stretch wrapper in a confined space that still meets Cat 3 safety standards.

Rotary ring stretch wrapper technology resolved two of the more difficult issues with this application. Rotary ring stretch wrappers, while being the fastest stretch wrapping technology, also provides the smallest footprint in the industry. The Phoenix ring technology also allows for multiple directional changes within the wrapping area. This provides even more space savings compared to conventional wrappers. This resulted in fewer downstream directional changes. It also provided space for two forklift pick up stations. All this while using less space than a conventional rotary arm wrapper.

The tight space requirements also added another challenge with Cat 3 safety. Typically, a safety light curtain needs to be a certain distance from the wrapper. This is to provide the necessary stopping time. This space was not available here. As a result, an alternative design was required to ensure the correct operation. Phoenix integrated high-speed roll-up door systems to the stretch wrapper to prevent access to the area.

Successful Results With Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper

The rotary ring stretch wrapper system solved the multiple tasks that were impossible for conventional wrappers. It maintained high-speed wrapping in a difficult confined space. It met the Cat3 safety requirement in such a tight location.  This cost-efficient wrapper solution also provided the data communication and wrapping configurations requested by the customer.

Besides meeting all the requirements of the customer it added a bonus feature. Rotary ring technology provides a critical benefit in film savings that conventional arm and turntable stretch wrappers can’t. Rotary ring stretch wrappers eliminate wasted film applied by the conventional arm and turntable wrappers. You can estimate these savings using this savings calculator. The customer will save over $14,000 annually on their stretch film costs. Now that’s not a bonus, that is justification !!


High-speed pallet wrapping is a specialty of ring wrapping technology. Here is another article on high-speed pallet wrapping using ring technology.

Noted below are a few videos that will provide you with more knowledge on Rotary Ring technology:

Ring Wrapper features

Wrapping double-stacked loads

Applying a corrugated top cap and folding the sides while wrapping

Or you can go to our Phoenix Wrappers Youtube Channel to see our complete line of pallet stretch wrappers

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