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Phoenix PRTL-2150 Automatic Stretch Wrapper

The Phoenix PRTL-2150A offers the power and efficiency of a fully automatic stretch wrapper without the space demands of a conveyor. This rotary arm automatic stretch wrapping machine is versatile; it’s often used in special applications for heavy and unstable loads. The rotary arm design is compact so it can fit in almost any warehouse.

This video showcases the stretch wrapping process with the PRTL-2150A. An operator does not have to interact much with our automatic stretch wrapping machine except to place and remove the load from the area with a pallet jack or forklift. As you will see, the stretch film is loaded and ready to wrap the load. The stretch wrapping process begins with the pull of a cord by the operator, then the rotary arm goes to work. At the end of the rotations, the stretch film is cut and film tail secured.

Because the load remains stationary during the wrapping process (as opposed to an automatic turntable or conveyorized turntable), the PRTL-2150A is ideal for unstable or heavy loads where production rates necessitate automatic capabilities. Our rotary arm automatics are often grouped together to create even more efficiency and production within a distribution center (beverage, food, etc.).

The Phoenix PRTL-2150A can wrap up to 30 loads per hour at 14 RPM and because the load goes directly on the floor, there’s no restrictions to load weight. The video highlights this machine’s speed – wrapping is done in less than a minute.

To further add to this automatic stretch wrapper’s versatility, this model is available in three different configurations: wall mount, floor mount and free standing gantry. The video shows a floor mount configuration. We have more videos on these systems, click here.

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Potential Industries: Distribution Center, Beverage, Food Services, Unstable Loads.

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