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Phoenix PRRA-4000 Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper

Phoenix Wrappers’ proprietary rotary ring stretch wrapper meets the needs of a high production warehouse. The PRRA-4000 wraps up to 120 loads per hour at an incredible 40 RPM. It handily wraps pallets up to 48×50-inches.

The video features a conveyorized rotary ring stretch wrapper located in one of our customer’s warehouses. The conveyor holds three loads simultaneously: a wrapped load, an in-process load, and a load waiting for be wrapped. A forklift operator places and removes the loads from the conveyor belt. Take note of the PRRA-4000 heavy-duty four-post design for stability.

One of the unique attributes of the Phoenix Rotary Ring is its ability to start and/or stop the wrapping cycle anywhere on the load. This feature alone reduces stretch film costs significantly when compared to other automatic stretch wrappers (turntable, rotary arm). The Rotary Ring saves about 30 feet of stretch wrap per load while still applying the same amount of load retention wraps. (Try our Rotary Ring Film Cost Calculator to see what you can save each year.)

As a fully automatic stretch wrapping machine, the PRRA-4000 cuts and secures the film tail at the conclusion of the wrapping cycle.

The rotary ring is an excellent addition to any high production facility, whether it’s for beverage distribution, food services or any kind of distribution center.
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Potential Industries: Beverage, Food Service, Distribution Centers.

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