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Phoenix PRRA-4000 Rotary Ring For The Dairy Industry

The Phoenix Automatic Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper is ideal for high-volume operations that run around the clock.

The video features a conveyorized rotary ring stretch wrapper located in one of our customer’s warehouses wrapping cases of fluid milk.

The Rotary Ring allows for flexibility based on application and need. For example, many beverage distributors are within 100 miles of their delivery locations. With a short trans time, a full wrap on the pallet isn’t necessary. With the Phoenix Rotary Ring, a few turns of stretch film can be applied at the top of the load to keep the load secure for the short trip. The result is a significant savings in stretch film costs, often in the thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

Learn more about this automatic stretch wrapper here or Request a quote today!

Potential Industries: Beverage, Food Service, Distribution Center, Brick & Block, Dairy Industry.

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