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Phoenix PLPA-2150 Automatic Stretch Wrapper

What are the elements that make a stretch wrapper fully automatic?

  • Holds the leading edge of the stretch film to allow the cycle to start without an operator.
  • Wraps the pallet load according to set parameters.
  • Cleanly cuts the stretch film at the conclusion of the wrapping cycle.
  • Secures the film tail to the load.

The Phoenix PLPA-2150 automatic pallet wrapper does all this and more. This low profile turntable combines flexibility, speed and ease of use. This machine tackles up to 40 loads per hour (15 RPM) and can handle up to 5,000 pounds of load weight. Its extra-large turntable has a 67-inch diameter and comfortably holds a 52×52-inch pallet.

One of the big advantages of a Phoenix automatic pallet wrapper is forklift operators can start the wrapping process without getting off the equipment. With the pull of a cord the stretch wrapping cycle begins. In the meantime, the operator can attend to other duties or ready the next pallet. Every one of our automatic stretch wrapping machines is equipped with a film cutter and film tail treatment.

The front and back of the machine can be moved around the warehouse with a forklift. Move it to where it’s most needed on any given day, or leave it stationary. If your production needs change frequently this is a great feature to have.

This wrapper is ideal for warehouse looking to add automation without the complexity or space demands of conveyors. Its flexibility makes it an easy fit into most types of distribution centers (food, beverage, garden, brick and block, etc.)

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Potential Industries: Distribution Centers, Food Service, Beverage Distribution, Nursery and Garden, Agriculture, Brick and Block.

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