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Phoenix PLP-2100 Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper

From soup to nuts, this video shows the complete stretch wrapping process for the Phoenix PLP-2100 semi automatic stretch wrapper. This low profile machine is the entry level model of our semi automatic line.

Is your warehouse still wrapping pallets by hand? This stretch wrapping machine can take your operations to the next level. The PLP-2100 provides consistent and reliable performance. It has a 4,000 pound weight capacity and a 15 rotations per minute speed. This machine wraps about 40 pallets per hour – even the best hand wrapper can’t do that!

Semi automatic stretch wrappers require some assistance from an operator, as you see in the video. An operator loads the stretch wrap through our easy thread film loading carriage: Simply unlatch and open the access door, pull the film tail past the open access door and close the door again. Using a forklift, the operator places the completed pallet on the low profile turntable. The operator attaches the stretch wrap for the load and with the press of a button the wrapping cycle begins. When the cycle is complete, the operator cuts and secures the film tail and removes the load from the turntable. And just like that – in about two minutes – the load is ready for transport.

The PLP-2100 is built to handle the constant loading and unloading of heavy pallets. Its extra- large turntable – 56×56 inch – handles most pallets with ease. This versatile model also allows for different wrap configurations, such as wrap up, wrap down, and top cover pause.

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Potential Industries: Distribution Center, Food Service, Beverage.

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