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Businesses looking to create a more automated warehouse should take a look at the PRTA-2150. This automatic stretch wrapper can change the way your business operates. It fits well in distribution centers (especially pick and pack operations).

Filmed in a warehouse that relies on pallet jacks, this video features a customized conveyor system that’s low to the ground allowing pallet loads to be placed on the conveyor via a hand pallet jack. Once on the roller conveyor belt, an operator simply presses a button to send the load on its way. The pallet is then centered under the A-frame mount overhead rotary arm stretch wrapper. Then, the rotary arm wrapper goes to work wrapping the load.

After completing the wrapping bottom to top and back again, the machine cuts and seals the stretch wrap to the load. The pallet then continues down the conveyor and it is unloaded by a forklift truck.

The PRTA-2150 automatic stretch wrapper is an excellent transition model from operations that traditionally used semi-automatic stretch wrappers or even hand wrapping.

If these types of stretch wrapping applications aren’t keeping up with targeted production volume, an automatic stretch wrapper can make a difference. This stretch wrapper is versatile; it can wrap 45-60 loads per hour, rotates at 15 RPM and has capacity for up to 4,000 pounds.

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Potential Industries: Distribution Centers, Food Service, Beverage Distribution.

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