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Part 1: Breaking Down The Different Types Of Automatic Stretch Wrapper Machines

Which stretch wrapper is right for your unique needs? In order to determine this, you must first understand the different types of stretch wrapper machines. Because each stretch wrapper has distinct features, knowing the benefits of each can help to ensure that you pick the most efficient and cost effective stretch wrapper for your specific applications.

For the times when you are dealing with higher throughput or limited personnel, our automatic pallet wrapper product line can help, as it requires no human intervention. In this two part series, we’ll be looking at the automatic product line, including conveyorized rotary arms, conveyorized turntables, non-conveyorized automatics, and rotary ring automatics to help you understand the key elements that make each machine different. Let’s jump right into it!

Rotary Arm Stretch Wrappers (Conveyorized)

You can eliminate the need to rotate the pallet being stretch wrapped with a rotary arm stretch wrapper. Put this stretch wrapper to the ultimate test on your heaviest and most unstable loads, and watch as the system quickly and efficiently wraps. These machines are most commonly used in-line and include a variety of different models that are capable of tackling everything from entry-level to high-speed applications. Let’s take a look at three key models and compare the key features of each.

automatic stretch wrapper

The PRTA-2100 is an affordable entry-level model, offering the same quality and reliability as some of the more expensive models. The system is designed for a maximum load size of 52 inches by 52 inches and weight capacity of 4000 pounds. With the capability to take on up to 40 loads per hour at a speed of 12 RPM, this automatic stretch wrapper machine offers steady and reliable stretch wrapping performance. If you’re looking to get more bang for your buck, the PRTA-2100 may be the right stretch wrapper for you.

automatic stretch wrapper

The PRTA-2150 is one of our most popular models and is best known for remaining reliable and flexible at high speeds. This system delivers steady wrapping performance while taking on 45 to 60 loads per hour at a wrapping speed of 15 RPM. Similar to the PRTA-2100, this stretch wrapper is also built for a maximum load of 52 inches by 52 inches and weight of 4000 pounds. With best in class control features and capabilities, the PRTA-2150 automatic stretch wrapper is a dependable wrapping option.

automatic stretch wrapper

Designed for high speed and lasting applications, the PRTA-2200 offers higher throughputs and maximum flexibility. This stretch wrapper takes on 60 to 80 loads per hour at a speed of 25 RPM. It also offers weight capacity of 4000 pounds and a slightly larger maximum load size of 56 inches by 56 inches. If you’re applications require maximum flexibility and fully loaded control features, the PRTA-2200 may be the best option.

Rotary Arm Turntable Stretch Wrappers (Conveyorized)

Rotary turntable stretch wrappers are a cost-effective and flexible stretch wrapping option for all pallet types. When handling tight fitting applications, you should consider the compact and practical rotary arm turntables options available. Tackle your toughest and tightest jobs while remaining flexible for your customers with the ability to easily change applications. Let’s take a look at the following models and compare their differences.

automatic stretch wrapper

The PCTA-2000 forklift loaded turntable automatic stretch wrapper has a 5 foot gravity outfeed and can take on up to 35 loads per hour at a wrapping speed of 12 RPM. With 4000-pound weight capacity and 50-inch by 50-inch maximum load size, the PCTA-2000 is an entry-level model that offers the dependability and flexibility that most desire.

automatic stretch wrapper

Designed for durability and dependability, the PCTA-2100 can help you tackle your toughest applications while still remaining flexible for your customers. This automatic stretch wrapper has the ability to wrap up to 35 loads per hour at a speed of 12 RPM and was built for a maximum load of 52 inches by 52 inches with 4000 pounds weight capacity.

automatic stretch wrapper

The PCTA-2300 is equipped with valuable and comprehensive features that are usually only found on much more expensive models. This competitive machine will complete up to 50 loads per hour at a slightly quicker wrapping speed of 15 RPM. Similar to the other rotary turntable stretch wrapper models, the PCTA-2300 also has a 50-inch by 50-inch maximum load size and 4000-pound weight capacity.

We hope you enjoyed part one of this two part series explaining the different types automatic stretch wrapper machines available to you. Hopefully, this series will help you make more educated stretch wrapper purchases. If you are looking for more information or have any questions, please feel free to comment below or contact us directly!

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