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Pallet Wrap Machine Outfitted with Breathe Easy Film Slitter

When it comes to packaging produce, food items, and some pharmaceutical products, there can be challenges. The product needs air flow to allow for a fresh delivery, but needs to be packaged as a pallet load in the most cost-effective and safe way possible.

Our Breathe Easy Film Slitter (shown in the video) solves both challenges. A full web of stretch film around a perishable product would likely cause spoilage. The film slitter uses standard stretch film, but cuts the film into bands as it wraps the pallet load.

The result is a strong, safe stretch wrap that allows air to circulate between the product and packaging. Unlike traditional stretch packaging, condensation won’t form on the inside of the stretch film.

Watch the video to see the pallet wrap machine apply the bands tightly around the pallet load. Beyond perishable food packaging, the breathe easy film slitter is also used in applications where a high tension stretch wrap is required. The bands have a much higher breaking point than a full web of stretch film.

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Potential Industries: Agriculture, Food, Pharmaceutical.


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