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Prestretch Test

Stretch Film Efficiency Test

Are you throwing more than 50% of your stretch film out the window without even knowing it?
More than 75% of stretch wrap equipment we have tested is performing below acceptable levels, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in wasted stretch film.

Did you know that proper pre-stretching of the film is required to change the stretch film properties that create the Film Force, Film Tension, and Film Strength required to hold your product together during shipping?
Without this, the stretch film cannot perform the task required.

Have you had to increase the amount of stretch film you apply to the load to hold it together better without knowing it is because your stretch wrapper has stopped pre-stretching the film?
Just because a stretch wrap machine is running does not mean it is working. Although it might be applying stretch film to the load, that doesn’t mean it is pre-stretching the stretch film and creating all the properties in the stretch film required to hold your pallet together during transport.

It only takes 60 seconds to check the efficiency of your machine

The following guide provides a quick test of your prestretch performance. Although there are applications where low prestretch levels may have some benefit (empty PET bottles), the vast majority of applications should have a minimum of 170% Prestretch.

By simply weighing the stretch film applied and counting the number of revolutions we can determine the level of prestretch provided by the stretch wrapper. Although an estimate, the result allows you to quickly determine if a problem exists on your stretch wrapper.

Fill in the required information and click the Prestretch button to get a quick estimated prestretch performance level of your stretch wrapper:
A) Pallet size tested (In Inches):
B) Select the type of film used:
C) Number of actual revolutions applied to the load tested: (do not use wrap count on the panel)
D) Stretch film weight cut from load tested:
(in grams) - (1 ounce = 28.4 grams)


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