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All You Need to Know About Stretch Packaging

Understanding Stretch Film and Stretch Film Machine Basics

Our goal in this section is to help our customers understand the key elements of stretch film and stretch film machines. The fact is that stretch packaging is a relatively young industry and many stretch film & stretch film machine salesmen simply do not truly understand stretch film basics themselves. The marriage between the stretch film and the stretch film machine is critical and by understanding the basics you will be much better positioned to make a proper decision concerning your stretch packaging application.

Review the various stretch packaging topics below for a quick tutorial

Why Unitize With a Stretch Film Machine?

Features and Benefits of stretch packaging.

Stretch Wrapper FAQs

Phoenix Wrappers provides the answers to frequently asked questions about stretch wrappers.

10 Reasons To Purchase a Stretch Wrapper

Are you looking to justify a purchase of a stretch film machine? This will help!

Stretch Film Overview

Get a quick understanding of stretch film and performance.

Quick Check Prestretch Test

Is your existing stretch film machine providing the required performance? Find out in 60 seconds!

Stretch ABC

How the stretch film and machine works together to unitize.

The What, Why, and How of stretch film and stretch film machines. Here are the basics.

Stretch Film and Machinery Glossary

Know the jargon and industry buzz words.

Rotary Ring Film Calculator

Enter your application and load information to calculate how much you can save yearly using a Rotary Ring Wrapper compared to a Rotary Arm or Table Wrapper.

Stretch Film Cost Analysis

Calculate your film cost based on your current load, wrapping pattern, load volume, and other wrapping parameters.

Stretch Film Conversions

Handy Conversion tables for stretch film Including:

    • Stretch Film Roll Weight
    • Stretch Film Roll Length
    • Stretch Film Microns to Gauge
    • Stretch Film Gauge to Microns

Load Diagonal Calculator

Stretch Film Machine Load Diagonal

Determine what size of stretch film machine is required to stretch wrap your load.

We hope this helps you make a more knowledgeable stretch wrap machine decision. If you do not see the information you require here then please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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