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Dual Film Carriage System

Phoenix Wrappers patent-pending High Tension system dual film system can apply 4x times the film tension per revolution that a standard film and carriage system while wrapping the load in half the revolutions. This film carriage creates the highest film forces in the industry. The carriage has the capacity for 2 separate rolls of stretch film. The films are overlapped and offset, resulting in a wider coverage and adjustability. The stretch film edges are roped creating four horizontal ropes along the film web. Ropes prevent the film from breaking during high tension wrapping. The resulting webs are then combined and fed through the prestretch system. The resulting bonded stretch film web has many properties that a standard stretch film lacks. This very cost-effective system creates the ultimate in film strength with 2 layer of film that is almost impossible to break. As the system applies very high film tension with each revolution, less film is required which greatly reduces your film cost. Wrapping time is also reduced resulting in higher throughput.

The ropes that are created and then bonded through the film carriage ensures that even if a failure of the film is created, it will only propagate as far as the rope and the rope will maintain the film integrity until the film is applied to the load and then the film is able to continue on as a full web again. This essentially gives you no film breaks while wrapping at extreme tension levels.

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