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Innovative Custom Solutions

Phoenix stands not only for quality and reliability, but for ingenuity as well. Since our inception, Phoenix has provided a wide range of industries with hundreds of custom solutions; each specifically designed to solve a unique set of packaging challenges. Spend some time exploring just a few of the many unique Phoenix applications below.

Slitter PRRA

Keep hot, cold or perishable loads ventilated and free from condensation with the Phoenix Breath Easy film slitting system, the best way to let your loads breathe, yet keep them secure.

method3 320x240

Over the past decades, Phoenix has provided a wide range of creative and cost-effective solutions to the most challenging stretch packaging challenges.

PRRA-2100 Oversized for PET

Stretch wrapping of tall and fragile loads of empty bottles present a unique set of challenges. Phoenix has the technology to wrap these loads securely without damaging the product.

Top Cap on Ring

Need to keep the tops of your loads clean and protected? Phoenix Top Cap Dispensing technology provides simple and reliable methods to place top caps on each load or only certain loads.


If you use pallet jacks or electric walkies to move loads in your facility, the Phoenix Pallet Ramp gives operators an easy incline to load pallets in to an automatic stretch wrapper.

Dual Film 320 x 240

Boost your load containment with a dual film carriage system. You’ll see a dramatic difference in the film tension of your wrapped loads.


Phoenix has the experience and packaging know-how to solve your toughest stretch packaging challenge.

PLP 2300 with 90 Turntable

With years of experience to draw upon, and hundreds of successful applications, Phoenix has the skill and experience to custom design a semi automatic wrapping system for your specific needs.


Phoenix retrofits can revitalize your wrapper and save you thousands of dollars in the process.

PRRA Rotary Ring Dairy plant

Keep loads from accumulating dust or having water get to the load by putting a “Poly” top sheet film to the load.

Conveyor turntables skirt Orange

Conveyors take a lot of abuse in the industry and go through the harshest environments.

Top platen for Rotary Arm unit

Tall loads of light stacked product resindult in unstable loads. This limits the amount of solutions available requiring more forgiveness with the strength at which the film is applied.

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