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In-Line Rotary Ring Automatic Wrapping Machine is Fast and Efficient

Our proprietary Rotary Ring Automatic Wrapping Machine (the PRRA-2100) is shown here in our customer’s production facility. This particular client is a beverage distributor.

This client had existing automation (a palletizer and conveyor line) before incorporating our Rotary Ring automatic wrapping machine to the production line.

What are the advantages of a rotary ring?

  • Significant savings on stretch film due to one-way wrapping cycle. Roughly 30-feet of stretch film is saved for each and every load. Try our film savings calculator!
  • Wraps up to 70 loads per hour.
  • 21 RPM wrapping speed.
  • Small footprint to maximize warehouse space.
  • Ideal for 24/7 operations.

The PRRA-2100 Rotary Ring automatic wrapping machine is fast and efficient and can handle even the most robust use. Here’s why: Unlike traditional turntable or rotary arm pallet wrap machines that much support and rotate heavy pallet loads just to apply the stretch film, the rotary ring pallet wrapper rotates only the carriage itself.

The film carriage is supported by a 96-inch diameter ring. The result is a much faster “low mass rotation system” that places little stress on the working components – perfect for high-volume production lines.

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Potential Industries: Beverage, Food Service, Distribution Centers.

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