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Wrapping empty PET bottles means dealing with a number of difficulties during the wrapping process. PET bottle are palletized on larger than standard pallets. Typically 44″x 56″, these loads require oversized wrapping machines. The high speed at which these loads are produced also requires that the stretch wrapper be capable of wrapping between 50-75 pallets per hour. Finally when wrapping empty bottles you are effectively wrapping air so it needs to wrap large loads very fast…but gently.

Today’s PET bottles are so thin that any little amount of film tension on the bottle crushes it. Thus the wrapper must be able to apply the film at a light enough tension so as not to crush the bottles but with some tension on it to hold the bottles in place and provide dust protection.

The Phoenix PRRA Rotary Ring style wrapper can start the wrapping at the bottom of a load and finish at the top without having to return back down to the clamp fixed at the conveyor.

Our proprietary technology enables the stretch film to be applied to the load with very light film tension even when wrapping at higher rotation speeds. This ensures that the pallet holds together but not with enough force to crush the empty bottles.

The One Way Wrap Cycle means that you can save an extra 30+ feet of stretch film on each and every pallet.

That works out to tens of thousands of dollars in ANNUAL film savings compared to conventional Rotary arm or turntable wrappers.

You can watch more videos of the Rotary Ring Wrapper here

Phoenix is constantly customizing stretch wrap equipment to meet specific customer applications. If you have an application that you would like us to look at, please give us a call at 1-833-490-9727 or contact us.

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