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Dual Film

Some of the toughest packaging applications in the Industry like Brick & Block, Roof Tile, Paver Stones and Bagged Product like Fertilizer, Soil etc.. require very high holding forces, where very heavy loads and sharp corners normally causes huge problems when wrapping.

This dual film once prestretched forms a strong bonded film that allows extremely high film tensions compared to std prestretch. The films pass through an adjustable roping system which allows the roped to be offset. This is done without sacrificing the film web. They merge together and pass through the prestretch system resulting in a bonded film. As the system applies very high film tension with each revolution, less film is required which greatly reduces your film cost. Wrapping time is also reduced resulting in higher throughput. This very cost-effective system creates the ultimate in film strength with 2 layer of film that is almost impossible to break.

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