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Customized Stretch Wrapping Machine for Windows

The video below is showing a modified version of a window stretch wrapper machine. Typically, these types of products would require more than one person to wrap by hand, but here it only takes a single operator to wrap any size windows or frame. Because the product can be put in place and “locked” into the machine using the foot pedal switch, it only takes a single operator to do the job.

Here, the stretch film used is less expensive than typical shrink wrap and does not require heating. In some cases, windows are wrapped in shrink film (a heavier plastic) that is bundled and stuck in an oven to shrink down to the product. However, newer stretch film is much is less expensive than thick plastic that does the same job and does not require heating.

Learn more about this stretch wrapper model here or get a semi-automatic stretch wrapper quote request today!

Potential Industries: Building Supply, Window Manufacturers, Door Manufacturers, Cabinets

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