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Custom Automatic Wrapping Machine For Tall, Unstable Loads

Custom Automatic Wrapping Machine for Tall, Unstable Loads

At Phoenix, we take pride in getting to know our customers’ operations in order to provide a solution that will fit their needs now and into the future.

This video features an automatic wrapping machine that was customized to suit the customer’s exact needs and specifications.

The customer had very tall – approximately 10 feet high – loads of light stacked products. As a result the load was unstable. They also were looking for a machine that could do the job fast in order to seamlessly integrate into their high production facility. We customized our PRTA-2150 automatic rotary arm.

Our solution includes these elements:

  • For speed: The dual rotary arm design allows for high speed wrapping – the load is wrapped in just over a minute. The PRTA-2150 wraps up to 45 to 60 loads per hour.
  • For height: The machine arm was extended to accommodate the tall loads.
  • For instability: Watch the top of the screen during the first five seconds and you’ll see a top platen lowered onto the top of the load. This weighted piece provides load stabilization during the wrap cycle.
  • For efficiency: This automatic wrapping machine is fully automatic meaning it requires little human interaction to complete the job. At the conclusion of the wrapping cycle (see 1:03) our advanced film cutting system welds the film to the load to ensure a firm stretch film tail.

Because of its speed and versatility, the PRTA-2150 is one of our most popular automatic pallet wrappers. Take it as is or talk to us about customization options.

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Potential Industries: Tall Loads, Light Loads, Unstable Loads.

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