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Conveyorized Automatic Stretch Wrapper Offers Compact Solution

Small and compact, our conveyorized automatic turntable stretch wrapper can be integrated into a variety to situations and warehouses. The video shows the PCTA-2000 through a standard wrapping cycle. We’ve worked with many clients to customize this stretch wrapper and make it a seamless part of their operations.

This conveyorized automatic stretch wrapper can wrap up to 35 loads per hour and has a 12 rotations per minute speed.

One of the greatest benefits is its size. With a turntable and a stationary carriage, the footprint is flexible and can fit into tight spaces. Its size does not affect its capacity. It can hold up to 4,000 pound pallets and 50×50-inch load size.

As a fully automatic stretch wrapper, it gets the job done with limited interaction from employees. The stretch wrapper holds the leading edge (tail) of stretch film. It wraps the product based on the exact wrapping parameters set by the operation. At the conclusion of the wrap cycle, the film is cleanly cut and secured to the load. A secure stretch film tail is the sign of a true automatic stretch wrapper.

Our stretch wrappers are equipped with a cut and wipe system that automatically cuts the film and applies the tail to the load. A timed impulse heat system cleanly cuts the stretch film and secures the tail to the load.

The PCTA-2000 has found a home in many different types of production lines – is it right for yours? Learn more about Phoenix’s packaging equipment options or request a quote today!

Potential Industries: Food, Distribution Centers.

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