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Double Stacked Load Wrapping Copy

Double stacking of pallets doubles the effective storage area and transport loading density, however, incorrect double stacking and poor wrapping greatly increases the risk of damaging the load. Double stacked pallet wrapping with an automatic stretch wrap machine eliminates this…

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Stack and Wrap For Unstable Loads

This automatic PCTA-2100 Rotary Turntable was integrated with a Robotic Palletizer allowing very unstable loads to be wrapped as it is being built. Working with the robot, the stretch wrapper wraps in stages allowing the robotic arm to stack the…

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Automatic Rotary Turntable Palletizer Integration

Your business may have specific needs, or a job that calls for a specialized tool. Our engineers are experts in making our stretch wrapping technology work efficiently and tailoring to your specific application. This video shows the Phoenix PCTA-2100 Automatic stretch wrapper…

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PCTA-2000 With Film Roping Option

In the video a PCTA-2000 Automatic Conveyorized Turntable with Roping option. Roping reinforces the film to the pallet, in the case of tab folding, holds the tabs to the load more securely than just a film web. Learn more here…

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