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Phoenix PLP-2100 Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper

From soup to nuts, this video shows the complete stretch wrapping process for the Phoenix PLP-2100 semi automatic stretch wrapper. This low profile machine is the entry level model of our semi automatic line. Is your warehouse still wrapping pallets…

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Stretch Wrapper For Light Or Tall Loads

A tall, lightweight load is one of the most challenging stretch wrapper applications. In the pallet load featured in the video, trays of empty 2-liter bottles are stacked 10 feet high. Our beverage industry client needed a stretch wrapping machine…

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Phoenix Custom Conveyor

Businesses looking to create a more automated warehouse should take a look at the PRTA-2150. This automatic stretch wrapper can change the way your business operates. It fits well in distribution centers (especially pick and pack operations). Filmed in a…

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Breathe Easy Film Slitter For Hot Canned Food Wrapping

Sometimes the product is still warm in the tin cans when packaged (dog food, sauces, soup etc.). With those products maintaining airflow is essential to prevent condensation. The Breathe Easy Film Slitter provides an affordable solution that allows airflow throughout…

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Phoenix PRTA-2100 Automatic Stretch Wrapper

The rotary arm stretch wrapper eliminates the need to rotate the pallet being stretch wrapped. Whether dealing with heavy or unstable loads, it can quickly and efficiently be wrapped with this system. These machines are most commonly used in-line with…

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Phoenix PHPA-2150 Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Versatile and fast, the PHPA-2150 automatic stretch wrapper can handle most jobs with ease and efficiency. This non-conveyorized turntable stretch wrapper has numerous features that make it one of most flexible wrappers out the market. The video shows a standard…

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Phoenix PRRA-4000 Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper

Phoenix Wrappers’ proprietary rotary ring stretch wrapper meets the needs of a high production warehouse. The PRRA-4000 wraps up to 120 loads per hour at an incredible 40 RPM. It handily wraps pallets up to 48x50-inches. The video features a…

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