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Wrapping empty PET bottles means dealing with a number of difficulties during the wrapping process. PET bottle are palletized on larger than standard pallets. Typically 44"x 56", these loads require oversized wrapping machines. The high speed at which these loads…

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PCTA-2000 With Film Roping Option

In the video a PCTA-2000 Automatic Conveyorized Turntable with Roping option. Roping reinforces the film to the pallet, in the case of tab folding, holds the tabs to the load more securely than just a film web. Learn more here…

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Phoenix PRRA-4000 Rotary Ring For The Dairy Industry

The Phoenix Automatic Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper is ideal for high-volume operations that run around the clock. The video features a conveyorized rotary ring stretch wrapper located in one of our customer’s warehouses wrapping cases of fluid milk. The Rotary…

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Rotary Ring For Unlimited Wrapping Flexibility

Using a rotary ring automatic stretch wrapper is the most efficient way to wrap different size of loads, like double or triple stacked, very high or short stacked loads that sometimes require different wrapping patterns. Phoenix’s proprietary technology allows for…

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Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper For Distribution Centers

Phoenix’s proprietary Automatic Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper streamlines pallet wrapping operation and saves thousands each year on stretch film costs. This video highlights the versatility, efficiency and speed of the Phoenix PRRA-2100 Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper. The first thing to…

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Why Buy Old Technology That Applies Wasted Film? you really enjoy wasting your money? For the same price you can purchase wrapping technology that saves you upwards of $15,000 a year in film costs.... EVERY YEAR! See for yourself how a rotary ring wrapper can make the difference enter your…

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Phoenix PRRA-4000 Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper

Phoenix Wrappers’ proprietary rotary ring stretch wrapper meets the needs of a high production warehouse. The PRRA-4000 wraps up to 120 loads per hour at an incredible 40 RPM. It handily wraps pallets up to 48x50-inches. The video features a…

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