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Breathe Easy Film Slitter Revolutionizes Perishable Food Stretch Wrapping

The Breathe Easy Film Slitter is revolutionizing the food and agriculture industry. Specially designed to suit perishable food applications, the breathe easy film slitter is a cost-effective solution to stretch wrapping products that require air flow during transportation.

How does it work? The film slitter is built into the film carriage and as standard film runs through, it’s cut into three or more adjustable stretch film bands. The wrapping cycle is completed as normal, but the result is a breathable stretch wrap. Watch closely as the wrapping cycle concludes (approximately at 0:49). The stretch film bands end and a full web of stretch film that can be secured to the pallet load.

This video shows a semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper, but the custom breathe easy film slitter film carriage can be added to any Phoenix pallet wrapping machine.

Where is the film slitter appropriate? Here are some examples:

  • Products that need to heat dissipation to prevent condensation (i.e. fruits, vegetables, eggs, plants).
  • Wrapping still warm product (i.e. dog food, sauces, soups, yogurt).
  • Wrapping product that’s flash frozen or cooled (i.e. yogurt)

While the Phoenix Breathe Easy Film Slitter creates breathable packaging, load retention remains intact. The pallet load will be kept in place during transport and keep the product fresh and condensation free.

Potential Industries: Agriculture, Food, Pharmaceutical, Garden & Nursery.

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