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Automatic Stretch Wrapper For Distribution Centers

Automatic Stretch Wrapper for Distribution Centers

Pallet loading isn’t an exact science. Depending on the product and application, it’s sometimes difficult to create that perfect well-structured cube. This can be particularly true in distribution centers where pallets can vary greatly from order to order. Many manufacturing operations have order pick and pack operations where multiple operators are building pallet orders for shipping over the course of two or three shifts.

The challenge in this type of application is finding a stretch wrapper that can adapt and perform in various applications. Phoenix automatic stretch wrappers offer flexibility in design, as well as customizable options to suit any business operation.

In this video, an operator uses a pallet jack to place the finished pallet on the low-level automated conveyor system. Once the operator engages the conveyor, the automatic stretch wrapping machine takes over, allowing the operator to go back to building the next pallet order. The automatic stretch wrapper wraps the pallet from start to finish, including cutting and sealing the wrap to complete the wrapping process.

This type of conveyorized automatic stretch wrapping system is ideal for high volume distribution centers where multiple operators are creating pallets and moving them around the warehouse with pallet jacks. The conveyors can be configured in a manner that best suits a warehouse and particular business needs. In this video, take notice of the adaptive ramp and conveyor to make loading the pallets as easy as possible for a hand pallet jack.

Another unique feature of this particular automatic stretch wrapper machine is a top platen (see 1:05 in the video). A top platen acts like a hand over the top of the load and ensures tall, unstable, lightweight or column-stacked pallets stay in place during rotation. This automated wrapping system works well in high volume warehouses because of its efficiency, speed and automation.

Potential Industries: Distribution Centers.

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