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Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrap Machine (Versatile and Conveyorized)

Efficient automation, reliability and affordability come wrapped up in a single package with a PRTA-2100 – our conveyorized automatic rotary arm stretch wrap machine. The cantilever frame shown in this video takes up minimal floor space in your warehouse, but can take your operations to the next level.

Here’s what this automatic stretch wrap machine can do:

Wraps 40-50 loads per hour.
12 rotations per minute.
Handles up to 4,000 pound loads.
Accommodates pallets up to 52 by 52 inches (80-inch diagonal).
The automatic rotary arm is versatile and can handle most stretch wrapping applications, but it excels in particular at light or unstable loads. Why? The pallet load stays put while the rotary arm circles around it wrapping the pallet. Other types of pallet wrappers require the load to rotate.

All our automatic stretch wrap machines are what we call “true automatics.” What that means to us is it completes the wrapping job from start to finish. This includes giving the wrap a clean cut at the end of the cycle, wiping it for a firm stretch film tail finis ensuring it does not unravel during transport.

The beauty of this model is its versatility and customization options. It can be equipped with a top sheet dispenser, a heavy duty conveyor for harsh environments, or high speed rotation.

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Potential Industries: Tall Loads, Light Loads, Unstable Loads.

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