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Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine Integrated With AGV

We know stretch wrappers are only a small part of the greater packaging line. That’s why we believe it’s important for all our customers to find the right stretch wrapper that integrates seamlessly into their process and warehouse.

This video is a case in point. A customer had an automated guided vehicle (AGV) system and wanted to integrate it with two automatic pallet wrapping machines to the end-of-line packaging.

As you see at the start of the video, the AGV brings the pallet load over to the conveyor to be packaged. The load is placed on the conveyor and the wrapping process begins.

The video features the PCTA-2300, an automatic conveyorized turntable stretch wrapper. Here are some of the highlights of this model:

  • Wraps up to 40-50 loads per hour.
  • 15 rotations per minute.
  • 4,000 pound load weight capacity.
  • Fully automatic system cuts and applies the film tail at the end of the wrap cycle.
  • Conveyors integrate seamlessly into greater production flow (watch for the next load to be brought in around 1:15)

The conveyorized system is efficient; it has the ability to have multiple pallets to be on the conveyor during busy times. In addition, the side-by-side stretch wrapping systems allows for a constant stream of pallets to be received and processed.

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Potential Industries: Distribution Centers, Pharmaceutical, Food Service, Beverage Distribution, Brick and Block.

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